How do I copy text from a buffer to the command line and from the

command line to a buffer? To copy text from a buffer to the command line, after yanking the text from the buffer, use Ctrl-R 0 in the command line to paste the text. You can also yank the text to a specific register and use CTRL-R <register> to paste the text to the command line. You can use CTRL-R CTRL-W to paste the word under the cursor in the command line. To copy text from the command line into a buffer, you can paste the contents of the : register using the “:p command. The most recently executed command line is stored in the : register. Another approach for copying and pasting text to and from the command line is to open the command line window using q: from normal mode or CTRL-F from the command-line mode. In the command line window you can use all the Vim commands to edit the command line.

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