How do I save and use Vim marks/commands across Vim sessions?

You can save and restore Vim marks across Vim sessions using the viminfo file. To use the viminfo file, make sure the ‘viminfo’ option is not empty. To save and restore Vim marks, the ‘viminfo’ option should not contain the ‘f’ flag or should have a value greater than zero for the ‘f’ option. You can also use the viminfo file to synchronize the commandline history across different sessions using :wvimfo and :rviminfo commands together with the FocusGained and FocusLost autocommands:

    augroup viminfo


        au FocusLost   * wviminfo

        au FocusGained * rviminfo

    augroup end

Note, this will only work reliably, when Vim can detect the FocusLost and FocusGained autocommands correctly. This means it should work with GVim but might depend on your terminal for konsole vim.

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