I have downloaded a Vim plugin or a syntax file or a indent file, or

a color scheme or a filetype plugin from the web. Where should I copy these files so that Vim will find them? You can place the Vim runtime files (plugins, syntax files, indent files, color schemes, filetype plugins, etc) under one of the directories specified in the ‘runtimepath’ option. To determine the current value of the ‘runtimepath’ option, use the following command:

    :set runtimepath

For Unix systems, this is usually the “$HOME/.vim” directory. For MS-Windows systems, this is usually the $VIM\vimfiles or $HOME\vimfiles directory. Depending on the type of the runtime file, you have to place it under a specific directory under the above runtime directory. The names of the directories are listed below:

name description

———- ——————

colors/ color scheme files compiler/ compiler files doc/ documentation ftplugin/ filetype plugins indent/ indent scripts keymap/ key mapping files lang/ menu translations plugin/ plugin scripts syntax/ syntax files tutor/ files for vimtutor

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