When I start Vim, it takes quite a few seconds to start. How do I

minimize the startup time? This may be related to Vim opening the X display for setting the xterm title and using the X clipboard. Make sure the DISPLAY variable is set to point to the correct host. Try using the command line:

    $ vim -X

This will prevent Vim from opening the X display. With this command-line option, the X clipboard cannot be used and also Vim will not be able to change the xterm title. You can also set the ‘clipboard’ option to

    :set clipboard=exclude:.*

This has the same effect as using the -X command-line argument. case, you can use the –startuptime argument to debug this further. You can do:

    $ vim --startuptime vim_startup.log

and the timing will be written to the file vim_startup.log. For even more advanced profiling, you can use the profiling feature, that is available in huge builds of Vim. To do so, call Vim like this:

    $ vim --cmd 'profile start profile.log' \

      --cmd 'profile func *' \

      --cmd 'profile file *' \

      -c 'profdel func *' \

      -c 'profdel file *' \

      -c 'qa!'

After running this, you will have a file profile.log in your current directory. To further analyse this, open the file profile.log and run:

    " Open profile.log file in vim first

    :let timings=[]

    :g/^SCRIPT/call add(timings, [getline('.')[len('SCRIPT  '):], matchstr(getline(line('.')+1), '^Sourced \zs\d\+')]+map(getline(line('.')+2, line('.')+3), 'matchstr(v:val, ''\d\+\.\d\+$'')'))


    :call setline('.', ['count total (s)   self (s)  script']+map(copy(timings), 'printf("%5u %9s   %8s  %s", v:val[1], v:val[2], v:val[3], v:val[0])'))

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