How do I build Vim from the sources on a Unix system?

For a Unix system, follow these steps to build Vim from the sources: - Download the source and run-time files archive (vim-##.tar.bz2) from the directory. - Extract the archive using the bzip2 and tar utilities using the command:

        $ bunzip2 -c  | tar -xf -

- Alternatively, download the source from the git repository: - Alternatively, download the source from the mercurial repository: - Run the ‘make’ command to configure and build Vim with the default configuration. - Run ‘make install’ command to install Vim in the default directory. To enable/disable various Vim features, before running the ‘make’ command you can run the ‘configure’ command with different flags to include/exclude the various Vim features. To list all the available options for the ‘configure’ command, use:

    $ configure --help

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