Writing Microservices in Flask Using Python

After years of building applications and platforms using the Service Oriented Architecture, I became very interested in microservices last year. So much so that I chose the job offer based on the sole fact that it was providing me an opportunity to design and develop microservices-based platform on the AWS. I’ll share the pros and cons of microservices in a later post. This post is about writing microservices in Python using a micro framework called Flask.

I have created a fictional project called Cinema 3 that demonstrates the use of microservices for a service that allows users to find movies and book tickets online. Here’s a link to the project on GitHub. The README file describes what it does, how to run it and how the project is structured. The source code itself is really simple because Flask is extremely light-weight (aside from the fact that this is just an example project.)

If you have any comments or question about the project, please let me know in the comments section below.

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