Exercises - Scrypt Key Derivation and Password Hashing

In this exercise, we shall use Scrypt to derive keys by password.

Derive a Key by Password using Scrypt

Write a program to calculate 128-bit key by given string password and salt (in hex), using the Scrypt algorithm. Use the following Scrypt settings: 16384 iterations, block size 16, parallel factor 1. The output from your algorithm is the derived-key (in hex). Write your code in programming language of choice.

Input Output
Password: p@ss~123
Password: p@ss~123

Notes: if you use Python and pip install scrypt, you might need to install first OpenSSL.

Hint: modify the Python code from the Scrypt example.

Scrypt: Encrypt a Password

Write a program to encrypt given string password using the Scrypt algorithm (16384 iterations, block size 16, parallel factor 1, using random 64-bit salt, derived key length = 256 bits). Print the output in the following format:


Sample input and output are given below. Note that due to the randomness in the salt, your code will produce similar, but different result:

Input Output
p@ss~123 $scrypt$16384$16$1$546865207175696a$ce6e7b86490db184499f82639298dee38087470c11e01236f10740545ea54bd2
p@ss~123 $scrypt$16384$16$1$8ac8ccf364f234fa$baa1de36036d8a69b7340d314fcd78954dc4e8fb271b0733396047a71651bb0e
hello^123 $scrypt$16384$16$1$1122334455667788$b1d1c1340ff958f09cfa37d35f4fb6edb65ca40b9abfbc19e0dad509236b38fe

Hint: modify the Python code from the Scrypt example and format the code as shown in the sample output.

Scrypt: Verify a Password

Write a program to verify a password against given encrypted Scrypt password in the following format:


Take as input the Scrypt encrypted password string + the password for verification. Print as output either true or false. Use this program to verify the encrypted passwords from your previous program.

Sample input and output:

Input Output


  • Read the Scrypt algorithm settings from the input encrypted string.
  • Using the algorithm settings and the salt from the input, derive a 256-bit key from the input password.
  • Compare the derived key with the hash from the input.

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