COVID-19 - Remote Work Policy by Companies

In response to Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), many companies, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Salesforce, and more, have been encouraging those workers who can do so to work from home. Some companies have even made it mandatory for employees to work remotely, shutting down their offices. A surprising number of companies have no plans to follow suit.

We have created these trackers to track remote work policy by employer and to call those employers out who aren’t allowing their employees remote work despite their employees being capable of performing their job duties remotely.

List of remote work policy by country

1. USA

2. Canada

3. India

Date: March 15 - March 17, 2020

You can help by filling out a completely anonymous survey to track companies, not just in the US but around the world, and their remote work policies.

About this data

The list is generated using reviews submitted by CodeAhoy readers. You’re free to use this data under the terms of cc-by-sa 4.0 with attribution required. A link to will be sufficient.

If you’re an official from the company listed below and the information isn’t accurate or the policy has been updated, please email us at: or message us on Twitter.

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CTS at Chennai,ELCOT in particular project is not allowing WFH. Employees have to use public transport.. CTS is not bothered of employees safety. Not understanding the severity of COVID 19


At Concentrix in Virginia they keep desperately calling employees to come in for extra hours in their dirty stuffed offices. People are being Promised to work from home with expectations being set they will transition them . Some people work from home as of right now but I think it’s completely biased that you pick and choose who to work from home during a pandemic when we all have the same tools to use.


I work for guardian roofing and they are still making a come to work when we go all over washington state I think it’s a good idea that we not be working and stay home so we dont catch this virus. We are not essential they only thing I could think is essential is if someone’s house was actually leaking right then and there essential would be going to put a tarp on it and calling it a day but they got us out here doing the normal


At Concentrix in Hamilton theyre making a show of setting up w@h, but they keep delaying it and setting up roadblocks. Now there needs to be a LAN in the home to set it up, wifi isn’t enough. In the meantime they keep desperately calling employees to come in for extra hours in their dirty stuffed offices. They’re not taking the outbreak or their employees health seriously at all. They only care about the client.

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