Part II - JavaScript

This chapter will cover JavaScript with the goal of processing the simple form created in Chapter 2. Programmers from other languages will recognize most of the material in this chapter, as procedural programming in JavaScript is the similar to other languages C derived languages. Even the material on events, lambda functions, IIFE, and functional programming will have analogues to concepts that students will have already studied.

The chapter will also include an introduction to JQuery, mostly to replace functions like document.getElementById or to introduce the $(document).ready() function. The goal in this chapter is to treat JQuery as a way to short cut examples. The more important reason to introduce JQuery is it is often treated as if it is part of the base JavaScript language. When looking for JavaScript examples online the examples will use JQuery in the examples and to understand these examples some simple JQuery knowledge is useful.

The goal of this chapter is to become familiar with basic JavaScript syntax and to begin learning how to structure programs in JavaScript. Future chapters will continue to cover JavaScript objects and how to abstract applications that will be used in the mapping applications this book will present.

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