Queues - Amazon MQ

  • Managed Apache ActiveMQ
  • đź’ˇ For lift & shift migrations:
    • Traditional applications running from on-premises may use open protocols such as MQTT, AMQP, STOMP
    • Instead of re-engineering the application to use SQS and SNS, we can use Amazon MQ
  • It supports MQTT, AMQP, STOMP, Openwire, WSS, NMS, and WebSocket protocols
  • Amazon MQ doesn’t scale as much as SQS / SNS
    • Have to provision it
    • Broker’s are deployed into e.g. mq.m5-xlarge, mq.t2.micro etc.
  • Amazon MQ runs on a dedicated machine, can run in HA with failover
  • Supports
    • Both queue feature (SQS) and topic features (SNS)
    • Both pull (SQS, Kinesis) and push based (SNS) messaging.
  • Broker types
    • Single-instance broker: In single AZ
    • Active/standby broker: In two AZ’s with automatic failover
  • Network and security:
    • You deploy into VPC and subnet(s)
      • You need to allow access from security groups to reach the protocols
    • You can make it publicly accessible outside VPC
  • You can set maintenance window and allow minor version updates.

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